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Too often when good ideas are brought into the world they get lost in translation; whether from one domain to another or from designer to customer. With our passion for 3D we aspire to create meaningful impact on how society visually communicates and educates, helping the right values to reach their audience. We try to achieve this with modelling, creating animations, concept visualisations and using new media to tell your stories and empower your brand.

F16 Bunker

Concept design, architecture visualisation

Segro Business park

Concept design, simplicity, animation

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We emphasise on experience; by combining creativity, the right skill-sets and a little bit of homework, a suitable atmosphere can be created for your particular audience.

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vfx, 3d tracking, post


Animation, exploring, playful

tiny team,
gigantic dream

Ivan de Wolf 
If it is not his adventures in Asia, Africa and now Europe that makes him create and shape stories as uniquely as he does, it must be his passion for making people’s eyes smile when experiencing his art. Everything has a meaning and Ivan makes sure we understand it.

Arian Hohmann
With his life experiences from various cultures and speaking four different languages, Arian is fascinated by social chemistry and passionately longs for innovative networking. He provides our story with the highest rate of empathy, allowing us to have an honest and personal relationship with other dreamers.

We dream to innovate visual communication and strive to collaborate on a personal level. Our initiative to team up with other creative entities helps us to show your core values in the right light.

Bas Helmig 
Never settling, never satisfied! His restless progress as a 3D designer enables him to always challenge himself in the limitless world of the third dimension. A craftsman in his field, Bas has the ability to give an experience the detail that it deserves.

Bart Brinkman
While gaining skills in handling technological challenges already in his early days, Bart just kept on growing into today's digital world, always being ready for the future with his drive for finding the simplicity in complexity.

a diverse network,
genuine experiences

The achievements of Tiny Giants range from conceptualisation to realisation, empowering start-ups and corporates, as well as experiences in the fields of art and music. Our cultural diversity and open mindset allows us to successfully reach our goal together.


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Our 3D communication studio is based in Enschede, the Netherlands. We are always up for a challenge. So from anywhere, at any time, if you feel like sharing your story,  we are listening!

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